The Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate are a group of catholic nuns based primarily in Uganda, although their reach spreads over much of East Africa.  In December of 2013, with the generous help of the Chantal Paydar Foundation, we spent a month exploring their world of service and sacrifice. Our friend, Sister Pauline Acayo and her sisters dedicate their lives to the many in need both in Kampala and in their native Acholiland in northern Uganda. The selfless work they do - encompassing the personal: growth, health, prayer, and the community: counsel education, mediation - exposed us to the calm, confident and committed power of these women united under common belief. In a community emerging from 20 years of conflict that so tragically crumpled the communal village culture, they are a steadfast force for positive change and growth. Our story is collected as a multimedia document here, and an image collection on this site and available in published form here.